Home/office renewable energy

A case study

What does a renewable energy system cost?

The purchase of a renewable energy supply system is not for the financially faint of heart. Considering that we buy grid electricity for less than 5/kWh, our investment of over $50,000 on equipment might seem a little nutty. But this is a hobby and a household journey that we find endlessly fascinating and educational. 

Cost of Initial Solar Installation
Solar panels 7,000
Panel racks 800
Inverter 7,425
Batteries 8,400
Electrical materials 875
Misc. materials 550
Taxes and labour 3,150
Total solar CA$28,200
Cost of Wind Turbine Installation
Turbine $3,380
Tower Kit $3,700
Shipping $600
Tower Pipe $2,430
Dozer, Backhoe $840
Concrete $900
Footings Labour $935
Electrical Labour $620
Electric Cable $720
Concrete Forms etc $1,460
Hospitality $300
Total CA$15,885
Other Components
Wood stove mods. $3,000
Solar DHW $1200
Replacement inverter $3,500
Total Cost to Date

Why are we investing in renewables?
The solar and electrical installation.
The wind turbine installation.
Solar domestic hot water.
A breakdown of the system cost.
System performance.
Heating the shop and battery enclosure.
The wood stove used for space and water heating and cooking.
The outdoor brickoven.
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